From forensics to crime fiction

Susan Parry

Yorkshire & Humber
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23rd February 2021
Author | Forensics | Yorkshire Dales | Crime

Susan spends around 45 minutes talking abut her journey that started when, as a shy bookish child growing up in Croydon, she loved writing poems and stories. How she was drawn into studying science and qualified as a chemist, working at Imperial College on topics as diverse as mineralogy and hair analysis. This led her to involvement in a series of forensic cases, involving hair, soil and bullets. Her love of the Yorkshire Dales began before she was married and continued with the family spending every summer exploring the area. When she began writing her first novel 'to see if she could do it' it was natural to set the stories in the her beloved Dales. Susan describes her protagonist Mills Sanderson and how she develops from a 17 year old visiting her grandmother in Swaledale, to a fully qualified forensic archaeologist helping the police with their investigations. There is time at the end of Susan's talk for Q&A, when she can explain how the books came to be published.

Note: Unfortunately due to unreliable broadband I cannot offer a Zoom talk.

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About Susan Parry

Susan Parry is the author of crime novel set in the Yorkshire Dales featuring Dr Mills Sanderson, forensic archaeologist. She began writing when her twin daughters were small, and she was working full time as a university professor at Imperial College. She now devotes more time to her consultancy work, including forensic studies and archaeological investigations which provide inspiration for her writing. She is now working on her tenth novel in the ‘Yorkshire Dales Mysteries’ series. Her husband, Mark, is retired so they are now able to spend more time together in Swaledale, where the views from her house are a real inspiration. Together they have walked many of the areas described in the books, accompanied by their Airedale terrier. Her daughters are now grown up and, interestingly, both have careers in crime, but on the right side of the law!

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