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Malcolm Brooke

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Paid: £35 plus travel expenses (£40 for 2020)
7th February 2019
Military History | Cyprus | United Nations | Military

In March 1964 the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus began operations with a three-month mandate. The presentation looks the decision to create a British led "Joint/Truce" Force, at the difficult birth of UNFICYP and how its role has changed over the years. Currently UNFICYP maintains the "status quo" within the Buffer Zone which divides Greek & Turkish Cyprus. As well as looking at various crises faced by the UN, the 180km long Buffer Zone is pictorially explored.

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About Malcolm Brooke

For many years Malcolm worked for the MoD schools (teacher, headteacher, advisory) and was fortunate to live and work in several interesting parts of the world. Most of his talks are inspired by his time in Cyprus and Germany. In 1974, as a young teacher in Cyprus, he experienced the military coup and subsequent Turkish invasion and, when living in Germany, saw the events of November 1989 as the Berlin Wall came down. He currently lives near York but between March and July he is enjoying himself in Cyprus and unavailable to give presentations. Malcolm is happy to travel to most areas of the country but within a 100 mile radius of York seems like a sensible idea. However, if you are desperate for one of his presentations he can always make an exception! Malcolm's presentations use his own laptop and data projector......however a screen needs to be provided.

Feedback is always positive and groups often rebook immediately.

Evaluation following a recent presentation:

"What can I say? We always give our speakers a mark out of ten but yours was the first to score 11!!! It really was excellent. You got all three aspects so right. Your research was impeccable; the visual presentation the best we have seen but most of all, you were able to put it over so well. So thank you, very well done indeed.".......R. S. - Collingham Retired Mens Forum.

The fee for each presentation is £35 (£40 from 01/01/20) plus modest travel expenses.

Presentations last approximately 50mins (+/-5) but, for a slightly higher fee (+£15) can be longer to enable two slightly shorter sessions with an interval break.

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