Beekeeping in Yorkshire

Chris Barlow

Yorkshire & Humber
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24th November 2017
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I talk about the basics of keeping honey bees in Yorkshire and how much fun it is. I talk about my experiences with my own colonies, the equipment I use and why I use it, the things that have gone right and the things that have gone wrong. I bring along some of my beekeeping equipment, some of my local honey and beeswax cosmetics to try during the talk. I encourage attendees to ask questions about my beekeeping during my talk.

My talk can last from between 1hour to 2hours depending on the requirements of the group. I am happy to speak to 60plus people.

I do not use any eletrical equipment to deliver my talk, I also bring along my local honey to buy if attendees are interested

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About Chris Barlow

I am a hobbyist beekeeper, I have been keeping honey bees since 2010. I keep around 40 colonies of bees in various locations. I breed my own queens, my honey bees make honey, I make bees wax based cosmetics using wax produced by my own colonies. I use different types of bee hives currently including national, langstroth and 14*12 hives. In the past I have used top bar bee hives to. I have in the past helped with the training of beekeepers with my local beekeeping assocation which I held the post of Education Officer for 4years. This included helping train people how to keep honey bees without any prior knowledge to helping people learn more advanced skills. I hold a module one BBKA certificate.

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