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West Midlands
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A lifelong interest in military history resulted in me being asked to do a few presentations for various organisations and groups, including local National Trust properties and the army cadets. My own interest is not so much grand strategy and who did what in various battles, but what life was like for the soldier on the ground; what equipment did he use, what did he eat, what was his daily routine? I quickly realised that this what fascinated most other people as well, so my talks focus on these aspects. I bring along a collection of uniform and equipment, some genuine and some quality reproductions, and explain how these were used by the men on the ground. Using reproduction items means that the audience has the chance to pick them up and get a feel of what it was like to wear and use them for real. In addition, I often wear a uniform of the period to give a better idea of what it all really looked like and help convey how ordinary people coped with both the trauma and routine of war. You don't have to be interested in military history, just people!

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The British soldier in World War 1
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West Midlands