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South West
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I am a professional musician and medievalist. I have completed my PhD in Secular Carolling (Rude medieval dance-songs) and have given lectures on the minstrel described in Piers Plowman and also The Allegory of the Dance of Death. I am a published author on this and medieval dance. (Routledge). Please view my website www.franceseustace.co.uk for more information. All my talks contain an element of performance (singing, bagpipes, pipe and tabor, psaltery). My period of interest stretches from Late Medieval, Early Modern (Tudor) to Restoration. I also play baroque bassoon and viol and give talks about Pepys and Purcell.

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Why did Death dance in the Dance of Death
Dr Frances M Eustace Tagged: Art And Religion | Medieval History | Entertainment
South West
Carols weren't just for Christmas
Dr Frances M Eustace Tagged: 15Th Century | Carols | History Culture
South West