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Vidura has lived an incredibly eventful life. During his journey in life, he has come across some of the world's finest artists in street dancing to entertainment, while working as an engineer for Rolls-Royce. His life has also taken him through great adversity as he struggled with mental health issues growing up in a foreign country, under difficult circumstances.

He has extensive experience working with children in education and entertainment. Today he is working towards becoming a professional speaker, provides entertainment, and currently developing his own workshop business for children.

His ultimate goal is to advance this civilisation by using science and technology, to build an abundant sustainable world for everyone.


  • Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Queen Mary University of London
  • Performed at semi-finals of UK's Best Dance Act at the Glasgow Exhibition Centre
  • Industry Champion award for delivering presentations to schools from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  • Reached third round at Toastmaster's humorous speech contest

Work Experience:

​- Worked as an engineer and a technical lead at Rolls-Royce for 4.5 years

  • Perform as a professional street dancer at corporate events and parties
  • Voluntary tutoring with Action Tutoring
  • Children entertainment with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment
  • Speaking engagements at schools with Inspiring the Future
  • Self-employed start-up business

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Life Skills Mental Health and Overcoming Adversity
Vidura Fonseka Tagged: Mental Health | Motivation | Adversity | Story Telling