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After a long career in the media, working as a BBC radio presenter and online journalist, I retrained as a Health Coach. I became interested in Health Coaching after decades of yo-yo dieting, trying everything from the cabbage soup to the boiled egg diet. (Yes there really was a boiled egg diet!) Looking back I realise I felt stressed, depressed and constantly exhausted. My breakthrough came when I took up running and changed the way I ate. Suddenly, the pounds dropped off and I felt happier, healthier and more energised than ever before. I now help people of all ages to increase their energy, lose weight and feel fitter. I help them to manage their stress and improve their diet, their exercise and their sleep patterns. With so many people suffering poor health and so much contradictory information all around, my talk will help you to find the facts through the fog of misinformation so that you can lead a happier, healthier life. (Er... and no - you don't have to take up running!)

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What the Health? Separating the facts from the fads of healthy eating
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North West