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East of England
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Hello I’m a holistic energy practitioner & hypnotherapist. Teaching people how to balance their energy and emotions so the can live a more harmonious life, more energy, clarity of thought and better sleep, living in a relaxed state. I teach meditation too I teach people how to use the law of attraction. I have had a life changing illness which resulted in chronic fatigue and to get my self back to wellness I have learned a few natural ways of which I Share.

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Health The Power of Your Thoughts.
Toni Chapman Tagged: Mental Wellbeing | Mindset | Hypnotherapy | Meditation
East of England
Health Thoughts become things. The Balance Procedure
Toni Chapman Tagged: Energy Balancing | Health And Well-Being | Laws Of Success | Mindfulness
East of England
Life Skills The Power of Visualisation
Toni Chapman Tagged: Mindset | Visualisation | Law Of Attraction | Mindfulness
East of England
Health Benefits of Meditation
Toni Chapman Tagged: Health And Well-Being | Meditation | Mindfulness | Relaxation
East of England