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The Boiling Frog
South West
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As CEO of Gloucestershire Deaf Association for ten years, Jenny Hopkins transformed what had been an old-fashioned local charity with negligible reputation into one of the top not-for-profit organisations in Gloucestershire today.

Jenny looks back on her time at GDA as the happiest and most challenging of her career. So why leave, apparently at the peak of that success? She says that by 2018, she realised that if anything her passion for the work of GDA and other local charities was greater than ever before, but right alongside that was a growing disquiet at the role charities are asked to play today. Today she writes and speaks on this subject, and she is the creator of the blog 'The Boiling Frog'. If you know the fable, her talk will explain the aptness of the name. She speaks passionately on why we all have a responsibility to revise our perception of smaller charities, and to support the often amazing work these organisations do to assist the most vulnerable people in our society.

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Charity Boiling Frogs - how we are killing off smaller charities and what we need to do about it
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