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South West
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)

Elaine Buss is passionate about English social history. She has studied and taught the subject for many years to a wide range of client groups so she can tailor the subject matter to suit everyone. Audiences for Elaine's talks range from academic scholars on a learning mission to social group members who want to be entertained.

All sessions are fast paced so that everybody is kept engaged. Images are used to illustrate what is being explained because pictures, as the saying goes, are worth a thousand words.

The active particpation of the audience is encouraged so please feel free to ask questions or simply laugh out loud.

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Listed talks

History A History of Shopping
Elaine Buss Tagged: Culture | General Interest | Brands | British History
South West
History Georgian Leisure, Pleasure and Consumption
Elaine Buss Tagged: British History | Humour And Interest | Country Houses | Eighteenth Century
South West