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My Reel Life. A female child in the 1930’s who after going to a magnificent Cinema decided she was going to be a Cinema Manager, but in those days it was laughable that a girl could ever achieve such a high ranking position. Bearing in mind that I only reached five foot as an adult I surprised everyone by starting out as a Cashier/Secretary I went on to climb that ladder and from Assistant Manager, Manager, Area Controller to Regional Controller. The reason for my success was my flair for publicity, for every film I could create free press by organising unusual events. My talk takes the audience on a journey from being told that a little female who could never be elegant or compete with male managers to her achieving the top award in her circuit. When I speak about my publicity stunts it amazes my audience and creates wonderful reaction. For every stunt I provide visual evidence as some of the audience do not believe. I have so far given over 150 talks and everyone has been successful. I would like to register with you as I have run out of local organisations.

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