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Pete Williamson FRAS
West Midlands
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I am a freelance astronomer working as a consultant with the Faulkes Telescope Project an educational access telescope system with 2 metre, 1 metre and 0.4m metre telescopes across the globe. These telescopes are FREE access to educational establishment and accessible from the classroom / lecture room.

I also work with the BBC as an astronomical correspondent and presenter of Eye on The Sky on BBC Radio Shropshire.

I undertake many astronomical talks across the UK and into Ireland throughout the year in schools, Colleges, Astronomical Societies and other organisations on many topics listed on my website ( It is my pleasure to deliver astronomical talks for Shropshire County Council and The National Trust in Shropshire on a regular basis ( 4 times a year for each organisation ).

Along with my family we run Astro Radio & Solarsphere Astronomical & Music Festival dedicated to bringing astronomy and the sciences to newcomers of all ages.

Recently I have been asked to work closely with AstroCymru in Wales on outreach events for youngsters.

I am DBS registered.

My Websites are as follows where you will find a list of my bookings and talks / workshops I can undertake plus a full biography. ( All my Astro Photography )

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