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East Midlands
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Entertainment, travel, motivational, author, autobiographical

(East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England are all accessible.) Double-jabbed too!

Aged 60 and facing life after redundancy, Allan Rimmer thought of a myriad of alternatives. When others thought him mad, he believed that opportunities were waiting to be had. When his wife Stephanie wanted security and stability, he persuaded her to leap into the unknown.

When the chance for a ‘gap year’ arose, together they took a deep breath and made it all happen. In Allan’s own words, when he mixed a few ounces of initiative with a good dose of adventurous spirit, that was the moment when the idea for a real adventure, and ultimately a book, was born.

The Grey Gap Year is the story of how Allan & Stephanie faced and overcame obstacles which others may have found far too daunting. As a result of their determination to change the course of their lives they created a whole raft of new and wonderful memories which will last them far into the future.

This speech shares just a few of their more notable memories, along with their frustrations and adventures which they experienced in their ‘gap year’.

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