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Maureen is a published author with a number of books on horticultural subjects to her name. In addition, she has contributed to the national gardening magazine, The English Garden. Her specialism is gardening for bees, but she has also written on herbs and perennials. Having lectured at university, Maureen is an accomplished speaker and has given talks at the Royal Horticultural Society's flagship garden at Wisley, as well as at the RHS Show at Tatton Park. She has also spoken at the Herb Society's AGM and at The Garden Museum. Maureen also runs her own plant nursery, specialising in bee-friendly perennials. Maureen offers a number of talks, most of which are listed below. If you would like a bespoke talk, or any further information please visit or contact George on 07507 418905 to have a chat about availability and fees. Maureen is based in Lancashire but is willing to travel nation-wide.

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