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North West
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Played guitar in dozens of countries, on tv/radio/discs and have many interesting stories in Talk 1 HAVE GUITAR WILL TRAVEL where I play for Liz Taylor in Rome, for the Red Army at Attila's castle in Transylvania and for HM the Queen Mother's birthday.

In the Belfast Troubles, a Molotov Cocktail is thrown at my taxi and in Newbury, a killer escaping the Police hits my car. A very special set of stories like no other.

Talk 2 is BEYOND THE IRON CURTAIN where I take the audience through the Iron Curtain and into a world of Secret Police and the KGB, go up north in Russia to meet real Eskimos and am arrested twice. A no-holds-barred set of tales from the world's largest and most dangerous territory, not simply a cosy travelog.

Both talks contain live music on my guitar, Talk 2 has slides.

Talk 3 is 1000 YEARS OF GUITAR from The Crusades to The Shadows, music of Kings and Queens, across the world from The Incas to Persia, there is no greater variety of music than this.

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