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East Midlands
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Originally from Sheffield. The last twenty five or so years in Chesterfield. When I was widowed I felt the need to stretch myself and, as I’ve always been creative, I found an outlet for that, by producing my first talk, which is the one about a keen interest for me - hand cut wooden jigsaws. From that I thought what else do I enjoy as interests/hobbies? That then resulted in my rag rug talk, my Mexican talk, my cryptic crossword talk, and I had really got the bug when my imagination was caught by a brief reference to the word Velocipede. That resulted in one of my most popular. ....everyone has ridden a bicycle, as also, everyone has done a jigsaw! Lastly having been lucky enough to stay in several beautiful Landmark Trust properties, it seemed natural to create a talk from my experience.

And then...... I reckoned the world is addicted to coffee, so what about a talk on the history of Coffee? Finally, my most recent talk is about the Romanovs, from 1896-1918, their sad demise, a focus on the family side of those years.

I mainly do daytime presentations, and all my talks consist of 100 or so slides and incorporate video.

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History Velocipedes! A history of the not so humble bicycle
Rosemary Beney Tagged: History
East Midlands
History The Fascination of the Romanovs. 1894-1918
Rosemary Beney Tagged: History | Royalty
East Midlands
History Order out of Chaos! The history of the Hand Cut JIGSAW..
Rosemary Beney Tagged: History | Heritage | Art
East Midlands
History Coffee! Quirky look at coffees history .
Rosemary Beney Tagged: Food
East Midlands
History Follies and fantasies; the Landmark Trust
Rosemary Beney Tagged:
East Midlands
Hobbies Rag rugging.....the Green Scene
Rosemary Beney Tagged:
East Midlands
History HATS! A Hopscotch of those strange things we wear on our heads!
Rosemary Beney Tagged: Adversity | Amusing | Art | By Gone Days
East Midlands
History ICE. Life before the Refridgerator, history and fun.
Rosemary Beney Tagged: 1800S | 1800's | 1960S Tv | 1960S
East Midlands