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West Midlands
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Historical Novelist writing on the English Civl War

Born 1937--not quite a dinosaur. 3 degrees but not a pop group. Taught English in Colleges of Education but retrained as a Probation Officer, until retirement in 1997.During this time I managed to convince my dear white haired old mother, I had a respectable job playing a piano in a brothel.

I currently write historical novels set in the English Civil War. The hero is a young doctor from Worcester who tries to maintain a fierce neutrality. He refutes all astrological theory which many contemporary doctors practised, and is also a gifted bone setter. The novels contain an awareness of 17th Century Medical expertise. They also demonstrate how civil war in this country provoked irresolution regarding the existence of God. But rather than Religion or objections to over zealous Royal taxation, the English Civil War marks the upsurge of the Middle Class.

I also speak on a variety of Literary topics The Humour of Jane Austen; Shakespeare's Great Heroines; Dylan Thomas-the genius of Wales etc.

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History A Reason from the Stars my historical novels and how I came to write them.
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West Midlands