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East Midlands
Motivational, Inspirational

Emma Jayne is a motivational speaker based in Leicestershire. A fire walker trainer, author and life coach. At just 32, with a world of knowledge of overcoming fears and facing lives difficulties, she is becoming a popular choice for speaking events. After being diagnosed with Hypotrophic-Cariomyapathy aka Sudden Death Syndrome, Emma embarked on a quest to teach others how to live life to the full, and appreciate how precious the time we have is. Her speeches are always filled with comedy and hilarious true stories of her own experiences. Easy listening and a fun vibe guaranteed.


Listed talks

Life Skills Firewalking and facing fears
The ProSmiler Tagged: Motivation | Inspiration | Coaching
East Midlands
Life Skills Secrets to a happy life
The ProSmiler Tagged: Motivation | Inspiration | Life Coach | Nlp
East Midlands
Life Skills Over coming heartbreak and moving on
The ProSmiler Tagged: Motivation | Inspiration | Heartbreak | Comedy
East Midlands
Life Skills Living with sudden death syndrome
The ProSmiler Tagged: Heart Health | Motivation | Inspiration
East Midlands