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Mike is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working in his practise with people throughout the North East of England.

Mike also works in Hypnotherapy as a Volunteer at St Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington.

He is also Trustee and Treasure for Family Help in Darlington, who run a refuge to look after Women and Children fleeing Domestic Abuse. Mike has caring and cheerful personality.

Mike lectures in Hypnotherapy, covering all aspects of how it works, including how the mind controls the body. His lectures cover the control over our cells, all 50 trillion of them. "What the mind believes the body will follow". He also includes a very relaxing trial session for those who have and have not not tried Hypnotherapy before.

Hypnotherapy is good for relaxation and relaxation is good for the relief of stress, which good for your immune system. Mike explains exactly how this works from the lack of blood flow to the vital organs to the suppressing of Mitosis of the immune cells, caused by stress.

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Life Skills An introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy
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North East